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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Room of Marvels, A Novel by James Bryan Smith

Room of Marvels: A NovelRoom of Marvels: A Novel by Smith, James Bryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am speechless!

James Bryan Smith has written the best book on grief!  His understanding after living beyond multiple intimate friends and loved ones crossing over is marvelous.  I did not know what the synopsis of this book was when I downloaded from "Inspired Reads'" website.  I just knew that it had a high rating.  Mr. Smith has taken the time to fully develop a believable circumstance based loosely on his experiences and weaved together a tale that helps one through the grieving process.

After loosing my own mother earlier this year, I did not realize just how to grieve for a Christian loved one whom I will see again some day.  Mr Smith's has written a book outlining a process by which I can be joyous in knowing that  I will spend an eternity celebrating with my loved ones who have gone on before.

Thank You James Bryan, for writing this tale.  I am going to buy copies to give to several friends who are facing the unknown right now.

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