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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Billy Graham once wrote; 

We shall never understand the extent of
God’s love in Christ at the Cross until we understand that
we shall never have to stand before the judgment of God
for our sins. All our sins—without exception—were placed
on Christ, and He took the judgment we deserve. He
finished the work of redemption.

Standing in judgement is a terrible place to be; at the mercy of someone else, someone who you've long neglected and possibly written off as non-existent. How great and terrible will be the day of judgement.  I'm so glad that Jesus paid for my sins, past, present, and future, with His death on the cross, but more importantly his resurrection from the dead just three (3) short days later.

Where are you spending eternity?  Heaven or separated from God and all things good?

My prayer is that you begin to earnestly seek the creator and His will for your existence on this planet. 

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