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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learning to Trust

My sons, Ryan and Ben decided to climb to the falls at Estes park, last weekend. Ryan is visiting from Texas, where he still lives, and we wanted to show him a part of God's great creation in Estes Park.

While the boys were climbing and acting like teenagers, another family with two small boys came to the falls area. They were from Lincoln, NE and they take a trip every year to a different part of the Rockies. They said there was not much in Lincoln to explore and they enjoyed hiking and showing their sons the outdoors.

Anyway, when they first came up the trail, it was just the two young sons, ages 8 and 4, their parents were about 50 feet behind(go figure). I saw Bob then come running to the edge and telling his boys to go no closer to the edge. It was then that I heard the mother scream, "don't go another foot!"

As one can imagine, the mother was terrified that her children might fall and break something. It had not occurred to her that someone else was around yet. I was leaning back on a rock after just taking this photo, of my own sons, daring nature to hurt them.

I just chuckled and then excused myself as the mom stared at me in disbelief.

I informed the young mother that the two young ones just wanted to be like my sons, on the other side of the falls. She was not immediately impressed with their courage.

After speaking for some time we became friends. I shared with them Psalm 37:3 , "Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."

They are young parents and needed to hear that boys will be daring and test the limits of patience as time goes by, the trust will be increased.

As the afternoon progressed we walked back to our cars and shared many fun stories and encouraged them to continue the family outings. Someday we will meet our friends from Nebraska again and have a great time hearing of the adventures their sons got them into.

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